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Pozzolanic Contracting & Supply Co., Inc. began in 1982 as a road construction supply business providing equipment, personnel, and material to blend hydrated lime and fly ash with water and stone at the stone producer’s site to produce a strong, long-lasting base course material.

Today Pozzolanic is a leader for in-place mixing services on public and private projects throughout the Southeast performing lime-soil stabilization, soil-cement stabilization, cement-treated base course, soil modification, soil drying, and full-depth reclamation.

Pozzolanic’s experienced team, dependable equipment fleet, and consistently reliable service assures quality performance and customer satisfaction on every job.

What is the origin of our name?

The word “pozzolanic” is used to describe the reaction that takes place when combining reactive admixtures (lime, cement, fly ash, and others) to produce a strong cementious compound and is derived from a Latin word: Pozzulana, which refers to the volcanic ash near the city of Pozzuoli (now a suburb of Naples), Italy. The Romans mixed the volcanic ash with lime to produce a stable “concrete-like” material used to make bricks, build roads, underwater piers, and buildings. Its durability can still be witnessed today, over 2,000 years later.