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Full-Depth Reclamation

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For chip-sealed and low-volume asphalt roads, parking lots, and state highways that have become deteriorated, Pozzolanic has specialized equipment to finely grind these road materials and mix them in-place with the existing stone base to form an excellent road base with increased strength and durability.

This in-place asphalt reclamation process is less costly than traditional repair alternatives, and the end result is an improved road base that requires less maintenance. If the road or parking lot is experiencing valleys and dips, potholes, and other pavement failures caused by poor soils or wet soils underneath, Pozzolanic can mix in a stabilizing agent; such as, lime or cement, to modify the subgrade at the same time road materials are being ground into the existing base materials. Subgrade modification significantly improves pavement life.

Users of this in-place asphalt reclamation process have reported reduced maintenance costs of more than 50%. Once the reclamation process is complete, only a thin asphalt overlay or chip-seal surfacing is required. The process is fast and efficient so that there is minimal interruption in the use of the road or parking lot.